You have a unique set of strengths, abilities, and yes – weaknesses. You need a special set of instructions to go with them, a Creative Genius Instruction Manual. And that’s exactly what I’ve created.

The Maximum Productivity Makeover for Creative Geniuses Group Coaching Program combines training and coaching that will double (or more!) your productivity by putting the key areas that are holding YOU in the crosshairs and eliminating them, one after the other.

Harness Your Energy to Increase Your Focus

Energy Flow Analysis with Task Matching – Match your task characteristics with your energy fluctuations to gain hours of peak productivity each day… after your very first lesson!
Exceed Expectations – Get the people in your life working with you instead of against you, and blow them away as a top performer as you unleash your Creative Genius.

“Self” Management for ADHD Adults

“You” Management for Creative Geniuses – Design your system to fit your personality and your lifestyle. Never miss another deadline or appointment.
Achieve Total Life Control – Tap into your creative genius and harness the brilliant thoughts coursing through your brain, laser-focus at will and improve your productivity and your life.

Eliminate Obstacles to Productivity

Eliminate Roadblocks – Target and destroy interruptions to save energy and countless hours you’re forced to waste now.
Establish Boundaries – Easy, effective strategies and techniques let you stop overcommitting without losing friends or letting people down.
Master Delegation – Delegate activities that sap your energy. No staff? No problem! Master Creative Genius strategies to systemize, automate or outsource in any job and in any situation.
The “Not To Do” List – “Busywork” doesn’t contribute a thing to a better life for you or your family. Learn to erradicate any task or activity not directly contributing to your success.

Achieve Any Goal Using Unique Creative Genius Strategies

Succeed in a FLASH – This Creative Genius-tested strategy enables you to achieve even goals that take your breath away (as Seth Godin would say, “Think big! Bigger than that!”), empowering you more than all the “tips and tricks” in the world.
Motivation Leads to Action – Discover and master your best approach to learning that leads to clear, decisive action and, even better, measurable results.
Creative Genius-Friendly Systems – You’ll learn strategies to develop and implement systems, implement effective changes in your life and achieve almost anything effortlessly.

Conquer Procrastination…Now!

Identify the Source of YOUR Procrastination – Procrastination is a ball and chain keeping you from living your dreams. Eliminate each of the three sources of procrastination that are blocking your path to success.
Master Momentum – Apply the most powerful and effective technique for Creative Geniuses to overcome procrastination. Become someone people can rely on, not only for brilliant ideas, but to get things done.

Harness Your “Super Power”

Identify Your Strengths – Combine the famous Gallup Organization’s StrengthsFinder test with specific ADHD-friendly tried and true techniques to unleash the full power of your Creative Genius.
Identify and Honor Your Values – Most people are missing the essential knowledge they need to make effective changes. Special testing identifies your values and your needs to make every day more meaningful and successful.