ADHD Productivity
The Maximum Productivity Makeover for Creative Geniuses Group Coaching Program applies tested strategies designed specifically to eliminate roadblocks in seven critical areas.

You’ll get more done, use less energy and eliminate wasted time, transforming someone who’s struggling (…has such great potential if only…, …could do much better with more effort…, …could really go places if they’d just get their act together…) into a true Creative Genius.

  • Eliminate Overwhelm – Confidently super-charge your schedule for maximum productivity, but never lose control.
  • Conquer Boredom – When you lose interest, progress stops. Tap into your explosive energy by controlling interest levels at will.
  • Banish Procrastination – Never again put off anything you want to do. Start and finish any task when YOU want.
  • Laser-Focus on Your Objectives – Eradicate extraneous activities to achieve more in less time and with less effort. Finally! Free time to do what YOU want to do!
  • Never Over-Commit Again – but without disappointing people OR feeling guilty.
  • Be Proactive – No more scrambling! Never miss another deadline. Never forget another appointment.
  • Feel competent; be competent! Be the Creative Genius you were destined to be.

The Maximum Productivity Makeover for Creative Geniuses is a 6-module training, coaching and implementation program that will double (or more!) your productivity by targetting the productivity traps and ineffective strategies (ineffective because they weren’t designed for the Creative Genius mind!) that are holding YOU back directly in the crosshairs and blasting them to smithereens, one after the other.

Eliminate Overwhelm, Beat Procrastination, Overcome Boredom, Achieve Laser Focus

Here’s a more detailed “sneak peak” list of just some of what you’ll learn in The Maximum Productivity Makeover for Creative Geniuses:

Supercharge Your Productivity

  • Energy optimization and task modification strategies let you do more and use less energy every hour of every day. You’ll rip through your work like a buzz saw, get more done than you ever thought possible and still get home at a reasonable hour. You’ll achieve peak productivity on any task!
  • Squeeze every drop of productivity out of every minute, even times when you usually struggle to get anything done. No more wondering where the time went! Everything you do is easier, and you still have energy leftover to tackle those exciting projects you’ve had to keep on the back burner!
  • Make key changes to your environment that supercharge your effectiveness because they suit the way you work. Tasks that took hours now take minutes, and you enjoy the time you invest doing them!
  • Precisely predict how much time you need before you even start. You’ll easily deliver on your promises. Jam-pack your schedule for maximum productivity, but never be overwhelmed!
  • The perfect process to reach any goal puts you in charge. What dreams have you abandoned? Dig them out and dust them off. No “tricks” that NEVER fit your life, these Creative Genius tools put you in control, allowing you to solve any problem!
  • Double your productivity, even when you’re not “in the zone.” Conquer boredom. I mean eliminate it, even for those tasks you can’t stand just by replacing bad habits with good.
  • Transform your life by making changes that stick. Create the life you want, the life that meets your needs, honors your values and lets you live out your dreams.
  • Develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle for even more energy! Accomplish anything you want, from the loftiest goals to getting enough sleep or sticking with a healthy diet. You’ll want to be in the best of health when life is this good!

“Beat procrastination forever!”

  • Beat procrastination forever. These secret Creative Genius strategies eliminate procrastination at the root. You’ll be able to start (and finish!) any task.
  • Leverage your time and energy through delegation, automation and outsourcing to create exponential growth in your productivity. What will you do with your new found free time?
  • Become faultlessly reliable, at home and at work. Deliver on your promises, and never again feel the shame of disappointing people who are counting on you.
  • Stop struggling to live up to other’s expectations and live your true values. Use your unique Creative Genius brain to build a life that fulfills your vision for your future.
  • Focus on your strengths. Eradicate all doubts of your ability to make an essential contribution your team and your family. Enjoy the accolades that are your due as a valued

The Secret To Laser Focus…

  • Eliminate roadblocks to peak performance and achieve laser focus. You’ll accomplish more and move toward your goals faster and with less effort.
  • Stop over-committing yourself. Assume complete control of your life. Take on only the challenges that inspire you. You’ll get the respect you deserve and get what you want from people.
  • Dramatically reduce interruptions and eliminate time wasters. Gain hours every day to spend more time with the people you love doing what you really enjoy!
  • Eliminate stress and avoid burnout. Become proactive instead of always rushing to put out fires. You’ll feel competent because you’ll be competent.
  • Never miss a deadline. Never forget an appointment. This powerful, Creative Genius approach to managing your schedule guarantees you’ll be prepared every time, for anything.
  • Exclusive Creative Genius productivity tools will save time and save money. Avoid disasters and recover quickly from any setback. Plus much, much more!

Yes! You Really Can Double
(or Triple) Your Productivity…

That’s just a partial overview of the program. There’s actually much more than I have room to cover on this page, but I’m sure you get the picture.

This complete program — specially designed for Creative Geniuses like you — helps you achieve the success you deserve. The Maximum Productivity Makeover for Creative Geniuses delivers the proven, practical tools you need to double (or even triple!) your productivity.

People complain they don’t have time to make things better. If you’d love to get serious and create the life you’ve always dreamed of, The Maximum Productivity Makeover for Creative Geniuses is the best way for you to “clean house” and free up your time. You’ll set the foundation for the even more exciting successes to come.