How Would Your Life Be Better
If You Could Accomplish Twice As Much
At Work And At Home Every Single Day?

Break Free of The Chains On Your Career, Family,
Relationships and Happiness In A Few Simple Steps –
And Finally Tap Into The True, Unstoppable Power of Your Exceptionally Gifted Mind…

With The Maximum Productivity Makeover Group Coaching Program

Linda Walker, ADHD CoachEvery day, I help people master their “out of control” lives… people who are overwhelmed, scattered and scrambling to keep up with the demands of their careers and their personal lives. Many have been diagnosed with ADHD, although I select my clients, not for their ADHD diagnosis, but for their untapped potential.

If you have outrageous dreams, brilliant ideas and bold plans, but you’re frustrated by procrastination, lack of focus and an inability to follow through, you may be a Creative Genius and you may qualify for one of my limited, and sought-after openings.

Do You Feel Success Eludes You At Every Turn?

You hang on to your job by your fingernails… or you scramble to find the next dead end with a steady paycheck. Your family is drifting away… they don’t believe your claims that things will change. No matter how hard you work, you feel control slipping away.

Those bold dreams and big plans? Fallen by the wayside. Now you just want to keep your job and save your marriage. But as bad as things are, things can be better… a lot better.

Your brain works differently… it’s challenging to focus on the mundane details of everyday. But that difference gives you an amazingly creative mind, capable of seeing things in new ways, making connections others miss.

Your Ideal Life Is Trapped Under the Debris of Unfinished Tasks, Broken Promises and Abandoned Dreams! It’s time to…

Unleash YOUR Creative Genius!

Like Richard Branson, Pablo Picasso, Robin Williams or Albert Einstein… your brain  delivers an endless flow of ingenious, inventive, inspired and (often) wacky ideas. And when an idea excites you, just like them, you have the ability to hyperfocus as you create new businesses, art or inventions that astound everyone.

You’re a Creative Genius, you have that ability… but if you haven’t produced the results you want yet, you just need to tap into that goldmine of brilliance. You will succeed once you embrace your strengths, pursue your passion wholeheartedly and realize that your “weaknesses” are just differences people don’t understand.

Stop Struggling to Get Through the Day

It can be hard to believe you’re a Creative Genius when you struggle just to get through the day. How would your life change if you could work when it was time to work, and you could relax when work was over? Would your relationships improve if you could deliver on your promises consistently?

You’re not “lazy, crazy or stupid.” You’re just a Creative Genius who hasn’t unlocked your brilliance, tapped into your strengths or had the chance to follow your passion.

Three Exclusive Programs for Creative Geniuses… Like You

The Maximum Productivity Makeover for Creative Geniuses (self-study version or with Group Coaching)

Working with my ADHD guinea pig husband and experts around the world, I’ve developed a training and coaching program that will help you unleash your Creative Genius. It’s not a creativity program. You don’t need help to be creative. And it’s not a time-management program, not in any traditional sense.

The Maximum Productivity Makeover for ADHD Adults Group Coaching Program will free your time… and your spirit… from the chains of “the way we do things.” Once you tap into your strengths and pursue your passion, you’ll be unstoppable (I know it, and you sense it too!)

The “Take Charge!” Program

Take Charge! is a targeted,  laser-focused group coaching program aimed directly at the heart of the major obstacles your ADHD creates for you:

  • Your difficulty maintaining focus
  • Your challenges with planning and time management
  • Your difficulty getting organized

Take Charge! and take control of your life… in just four months.